Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texturising Spray 262 ml


Style on Steroids by Color Wow. A powerful heat protecting, moisturising texture spray.  For volume in fine damaged hair.  Create bouncy curls, beach waves or straight hair that still moves. Yet has staying power and memory.  It’s non yellowing formula with transparent texturisers means it won’t dull or cloud hair color.

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Style on Steroids Color-Safe Texturising Spray 262 ml  OFFER PRICE £21

Put texture into colour treated hair with this unique moisturising texture spray.  Style on Steroids Colour safe Texturizing is a performance enhancing texture spray.   It  won’t dry hair and won’t glue strands together.  This hair spray adds grit, grab and style long lasting style memory.  This product has powerful heat protection making it perfect for creating bouncy curls, beach waves or straight hair.  Whatever style you chose, this product will ensure your hair moves without compromising on staying power.


Perfect for:

Coloured hair

Reviving oily second day hair

Instantly thick and fuller hair

Beach Waves

Bouncy Curls

Staying Power and movement



How to Use

When using your curling wand or flat iron spray the product on to each section before use.

Looking for volume and fuller hair?  Just flip your head upside down and spray underneath your layers.

Looking for a tousled undone textured style? Just spray through your midsection with the product and use your fingers to distribute it through.

Size: 262ml





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