Let’s face it, a big wedding isn’t for everyone. Eloping is romantic, intimate and personal. It comes without the stress of who or who not to invite, family politics, table plan meltdowns and without the nerves and embarrassment that being in front of a crowd sometimes brings. When ‘old fashion’ becomes ‘all fashionable again’, Elope to Gretna Green.

The interest in eloping here rocketed in 2020 as Corona Virus restrictions limited wedding guest numbers and many brides and grooms & same sex couples took the opportunity to runaway. We met so many lovely couples during 2020 and assisted so many to make their day finally happen, by stepping in to assist with the finer details as covid-19 guidelines caused issues for hospitality and close contact services unable to be mobile. We adapted the service to meet the guidelines, which enabled us to continue to operate and also to help with the finer detail, involved in the morning of THE BIG DAY.

With such intricate detail in wedding dresses, who was to help the bride get in to her dream wedding dress? Help with her shoes and those fiddly pieces of jewellery and give her reassurance that she looked beautiful and had everything she needed, just before she left for her ceremony with or without the groom seeing her before? To ensure every detail was covered we introduced our personal assistance elopement package. We also cater for civil ceremonies too. If you need a package tailored specifically for your needs, please do let us know and we can discuss your requirements and compile a package to incorporate this and give you a quote. Just contact us!

Bridal Hair & Make-up & Personal Assistance Package £100

Includes complete wedding day hair styling & fitting of hair accessories & veil. Make-up application. Assistance with underwear & fitting of your wedding dress & shoes. Assistance with all your jewellery & any finishing touches you need to have you ‘wedding ready’

Civil Ceremony Elopement Package £200

Includes 2 Brides complete wedding day hair styling & fitting of hair accessories & veil. Make-up application. Assistance with underwear & fitting of your wedding dress & shoes. Assistance with all your jewellery & any finishing touches you need to have you ‘wedding ready’

Tailor Made Packages

If you need a tailored package that is not covered above please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs



‘The Set To Glow Wedding Collection’

Set to Glow

Wedding Day Essentials

We have spent a great deal of time researching and sourcing our make-up kit products, for flawless waterproof make-up application. You want your make-up to stay in place from ceremony to reception.

We’ve rounded up the most essential products, that every bride needs, in a convenient and compact size to look their most beautiful all day and night.

Lip-gloss & Lipstick

For all the kissing, talking and photographs! You need to touch this up throughout the day and night.

Blotting Paper

Sheets like magic! Blotting paper is made out of super absorbent material that soaks up any excess oil on your face and reduces any excess shine and in the areas you need!!

Eyelash Glue

We use the best eyelash glue ‘Duo’. This water-resistant formula delivers a firm, long-lasting hold of your favourite falsies, and sets in seconds allowing for a flawless application and effortless, professional results. However with all that kissing dancing and sweating it’s always good to play it safe and carry an SOS glue just incase of an emergency.

Beauty Blender

This is a ‘must have’ in any make-up bag. As your foundation colour, will be applied with the use of a beauty blender in from our kit, we will ensure that there is enough product left in the blender for you to take and touch up any imperfections should you require an SOS!

Loose Powder

Loose powder ‘sets’ foundation and concealer. So if you need to use your beauty blender you will need a very small amount of setting powder so we have miniature pots and a small brush to make this an easy and hassle free application, should you need to set any of the product.


A convenient and compact solution to your perfume bottle so you can smell as beautiful as you look all day long. Spritz on some extra scent as required. Scents are nostalgic so whatever fragrance you choose will be perfect for use on anniversaries and special occasions too.

They are available at your make-up appointment should you wish to purchase.

We have so many brands. YSL, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Clinique and many more AND if you fall in love with these products, you can visit our online store and purchase the products you’ve fallen in love with all over again !


Tips & Advice


  • First off think about what length. Plan ahead so you won’t have to have it cut too near the big day.
  • Regular trims to keep the split ends away.
  • Reduce your use of hair tongs or straightners & incorporate a ‘heat protector’ product into your regime. This will minimise damage to your hair and help prevent dry and broken ends.
  • Extensions – ‘clip-ins’ and ‘real hair’ are best. Make sure you are colour matched before you come and we’ll blend them in to give your hair a fuller look.

Look Book

  • Collect images and ideas to bring with you and we can discuss them and adapt them to get the individual look you’re after. Pinterest is a great resource.
  • Alternatively, get your own hair stylist to spend some time experimenting. get photos of the styles you like.
  • We have many years of experience working this way. We’re there to offer our advice & to discuss ideas! Looking your very best and feeling confident, is key to a happy & beautiful bride.

Face and Skin

  • Don’t go to bed without removing your make-up.
  • Incorporate hyaluronic acid into your daily routine.
  • Even oily skin needs moisturiser – oily skin and hydration are two different things.
  • If you need advice, book with a skin care clinic to find the best products for your skin type.
  • Professional tanning should be booked two days before your wedding.
  • Gradual tanning self applied should be started the week before your wedding.
  • Avoid over tanning your face. Remember that we can add bronze and colour to your face.
  • Shape your brows and waken up your eyes, Your brows frame your face, so make sure you get them professionally shaped to suit your face shape. Get them done a few days to a week prior to your day to avoid any redness or a rash.

On the day

  • Generally, it’s advisable that children are last to have hair & make-up, as they are less likely to sit still and younger children tend to touch their face and hair more frequently.
  • Where possible, that you wash and dry your hair, without the use of straighteners or tongs the night prior to your wedding. This gives your style extra ‘staying power’ and prevents it from being ‘too flyaway’.
  • Hotels do not have the facilities to enable us to wash hair, so we kindly ask that you do so before our arrival and have in a damp towel.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing or a robe so not to disturb your hair style.
  • Cleanse your face and apply moisturiser approx 30 mins before our arrival.
  • Brush your teeth prior to your make-up application and put your contacts in!
  • Try not to rush around – it’s hard to apply make-up to a sweaty panicked bride so enjoy the make-over time and relax!
  • Your hairstylist will need an quiet area beside some plug points and your make-up artist will ideally like to have an area with lots of natural