Other Recommended Services

We work with many other businesses in

Gretna and Gretna Green

Below we have listed some of our top recommendations:

Hair & Beauty Salons & Bridal Hair & Make-up

If you’re staying within Smiths Hotel, please call Sharon at Spoilt at Smiths for more information & bookings regarding your hair & make-up.

Spoilt also specialise in Wedding Hair & Make-up Services & offers their own Personal Assistance Elopement Package; Fluff & Buff

Call Sharon on 01461 336002 www.smithsgretnagreen.com

Taxi & Transport Services

Graeme Dirom Private & Wedding Hire. Wedding Packages Available 07900254093

2020 covid-19 guidelines prevented us from being mobile based. We worked closely with Graeme who provided a very courteous and professional service for our brides. Graeme’s taxi is immaculate and the brides were delighted as he chauffeured them to a salon we were renting and then taking them to their hotel or in this case, Elizabeth’s ceremony, on our last wedding of the year 24.12.20.


Ray Carruthers www.gretnaweddingphotos.co.uk

Joshua Wyborn http://www.joshuawybornphotographic.com

Colin & Hazel Carpenter www.weddingsatgretna.co.uk


Wedding Cars



Flower & Room Decor

Laura Copland specialeventsweddingdecor.co.uk

Smilers http://smilerspartyballoons.co.uk/

Vandella Flowers www.vandellaflowers.co.uk

Gretna Flower Basket www.gretnaweddingflowers.co.uk

Dog Walking, Dog Boarding & Dog Transport

Call Rona 07746381718 All Paws Great & Small www.facebook.com/allpawsgreatandsmalldornock